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New Seller Apps Could Make Arlington's Proposed Garage Sale Rules Archaic

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The City of Arlington is considering a proposal to regulate garage sales and banish things like new items and drinks while imposing a $10 permit fee. Although the majority of citizens at a public meeting this summer were not in favor of garage sale regulations, the City says a first reading of the ordinance is “tentatively” scheduled for Sept. 26.

However, with an uptick of new, online marketplace apps the rules could soon seem archaic.

Here’s a list of 10 handy apps for selling new and used items with ease and without a permit.

Amazon: This online retail giant provides sellers the option to sell new items. Programs are also available for Amazon to store and ship the merchandise. And apps like Amazon Seller and Barcode Scanner for Amazon make selling even easier.

OfferUp: This app allows sellers to upload a photo, write a short description, and name their price. It really is that simple, and there are no listing fees.

Poshmark: The Poshmark app is a new, social way to buy and sell new or used, unwanted fashions that may be hanging around in your closet.

5 miles: The 5 miles app allows people to locally buy and sell everything from vehicles to household items.

Letgo: Letgo is a free, peer-to-peer digital marketplace where people can snap a photo, price, and sell their used goods. Want to give the items away for free? There’s a section for that also.

eBay: While eBay is nothing new, the digital marketplace offers an instant, global audience to sell just about anything.

Mercari: This app is a place “where loved goods find new love,” and enables people to sell new and used goods straight from their mobile phone.

Facebook Groups: Several buy, sell, and trade Facebook groups exist in the Arlington, Mansfield and Kennedale area. Some are closed groups that require an invite, but once in, the selling is as simple as posting a picture and a price.

Craigslist: Craigslist is another older online marketplace for unloading large or small, new and used items.

Carousell: Carousell is a snap and sell app that allows sellers to chat with potential buyers about their unwanted items. Plus there is also a Carousell Motors app for those no longer needed vehicles.

These and other new apps could provide a much larger buying audience for citizens than the one garage

sale sign limit that city officials are recommending. If the ordinance passes, the one sign could only be placed in the permit owner’s yard -- 10-feet away from the curb.

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